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Established in 2015, TransRentals is a robust vehicle rental marketplace that aims to streamline the process of renting a wide range of vehicles. Connecting users with diverse rental options cater to their unique needs and preferences, whether they require a bike for a short commute or a car for a family vacation. TransRentals operates in over 200 locations and receives around 20,000 daily users on its platform, indicating a strong demand for its services and a substantial user base within the $BACKR ecosystem.


This UI/UX design studio forms a creative backbone of our ecosystem, providing top-notch design solutions that power the user experience across our platforms.
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A unique e-commerce platform that combines the benefits of a standalone e-commerce website and a marketplace shop, providing businesses with the best of both worlds.Creating an EcomMarkt store allows you to establish a solid online presence and showcase your products to customers worldwide.
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The Awaken Buddha

This platform is a knowledge hub, offering insights and information on various important topics, fostering a community of enlightened and informed individuals.
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Grey academy

Grey Academy

Grey Academy offers courses that are right on the pulse of industry trends, providing a cutting-edge curriculum to keep learners ahead. Here, education is driven by passion, ensuring that personal interests are aligned with professional growth for a rewarding learning experience. The academy prepares students to step confidently into the professional world, arming them with practical skills that are ready for immediate application in the industry.
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