How to Get Backrs


Participate in the $BACKR Token Sale and Become a Backer

Here's how you can become a part of our expanding ecosystem:

Token Sale: We are launching a token sale to fund the growth and development of our ecosystem products.Token Price: The pricing of Backr tokens is thoughtfully structured to benefit early investors. Each Backr token is attractively priced at just 0.07 INR. By investing, you can capitalize on the potential growth of the Backr token as the House of Cre8r ecosystem expands and flourishes. Minimum Purchase: The smallest purchase unit is one lot, which equals 25,000 $BACKR tokens. This minimum threshold ensures fair and equitable distribution among investors. Payment Method: We accept payments in any fiat currency. Based on the current exchange rates, we will calculate the equivalent number of $BACKR tokens you will receive for your investment. Token Transfer: We will transfer your $BACKR tokens directly to your designated wallet address after processing the payment.
By becoming a $BACKR token holder, you're investing in tokens and the potential growth and success of our ecosystem's products. Don't miss this opportunity to become a backer and partake in our ambitious journey.

Earn $BACKR Tokens through Our Ecosystem Services

Here are several ways you can earn $BACKR tokens by engaging with our ecosystem services:

GreyAcademy introduces an enriching reward for our learners. With every 100 INR spent on course fees, students will receive 100 Backr tokens. This initiative is designed to make your educational journey not just enriching in knowledge and skills but also rewarding in terms of digital assets. Enroll in our practical, real-world training programs in UI/UX Design, Trading, Graphics Design, and more, and earn while you learn with GreyAcademy.
At TransRentals, we're excited to offer an exclusive reward to our customers. For every 100 INR spent on vehicle bookings, we are giving back 20 Backr tokens. Whether you're renting a car, bike, bus, truck, or crane, every booking now comes with the added advantage of earning Backr tokens. It's our way of saying thank you and enhancing your rental experience with us. Book your next vehicle with TransRentals and start accumulating Backr tokens today!
At EcomMarkt, we value the partnership with our store owners and are excited to offer a unique reward program. For every 100 INR in fees paid by store owners to EcomMarkt, we are giving back 50 Backr tokens. This reward system is our way of showing appreciation for choosing EcomMarkt as your business platform. It's not just about the fees; it's about investing in your growth and success. As you contribute to the vitality of our digital marketplace, we contribute to your journey in the House of Cre8r ecosystem by providing tangible benefits through Backr tokens.
We have a special token of appreciation for the creative minds contributing to TheAwakenBuddha. You will receive 500 Backr tokens for every article you publish with us. It's our way of valuing your contributions to our content-sharing platform. Share your insights, stories, and knowledge with our community, and earn Backr tokens as a reward for your valuable content.
By participating in our services, you can accumulate $BACKR tokens, growing your portfolio while enjoying our diverse offerings. Remember, holding $BACKR tokens is not just an investment; it's a growth partnership.
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