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$backrcoin allows you to support our products and ideas in development and get rewarded for your contribution to our ecosystem.

Unlock the Future with $BACKR.

Investing in Vision
Purchasing or earning Backr Tokens means investing in the vision and potential of cutting-edge tech, education, and digital commerce projects.
Growth Opportunities
Engage with the House of Cre8r ecosystem and earn Backr Tokens through various contributions, enhancing your stake as a supporter.
Supporting Creative Ventures
Your backing through Backr Tokens provides crucial support to creators and innovators, enabling them to actualize transformative ideas.
Invest in '' $BACKR '' today. Be the change, shape the future.
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$backrcoin allows you to support our products and ideas in development and get rewarded for your contribution to our ecosystem.




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Our Ecosystem Products

grey academy

a utility token that supports the development of tech-based products and services.

$backrcoin is a unique opportunity that allows you to support our developing products and ideas while earning rewards for your contributions to our ecosystem. When you buy $backrcoin, you're helping fuel our growth and advance innovative tech-based products.
It feels great to know you're making a difference. Still, you may also receive exciting rewards like product and service discounts, early access to exclusive features, and even staking tips for holding and supporting the $backrcoin ecosystem. $backrcoin provides an excellent way for individuals to participate in and benefit from our expanding community while supporting the progress of tech-based products and services.

Benefits of buying and holding $backrcoin.

By buying and staking $backrcoin to support the development of tech-based products, you are contributing directly to the growth of innovative technology and helping bring new ideas to life
Stable Growth: A guaranteed 12% Annual Percentage Yield, offering consistent returns on your investment.
Engage & Earn: Utilize our diverse ecosystem products and earn BACKR tokens as rewards.
Dynamic Market: Witness and capitalize on real-time value fluctuations as BACKR hits the trading platforms.
Shared Success: Be a part of our growth story, with a 15% business profit share committed for our token holders.

A Token That Helps Us to Build Products That Matters

We launched $BACKRCOIN to involve our community in helping us build products at BACKR, and reward them accordingly for contributing to our success. This helps us to fuel our creative process of designing and developing cutting-edge tech-based products and to share the rewards of our success with our early adopters and supporters.
Unified Ecosystem: $BACKR isn't just a token. It's a passport to a decentralized ecosystem revolutionizing the Transportation, E-commerce, Finance, and Information sectors with cutting-edge blockchain applications.
Stake in Innovation: With $BACKR, you're not just holding a token; you're gaining a stake in every innovative product under the expansive BACKR umbrella. We're not just evolving with the times; we're reshaping industries.
Empowering Stakeholders: At the heart of our mission is the empowerment of real-world stakeholders. Integrating technology seamlessly into essential services' backbone ensures resilience in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Token Details

Road map

➊  Phase 1

Implementation of $BACKR Token on Solana BlockchainWebsite LaunchSocial Media and Marketing Push

❷  Phase 2

Presale Start from Stage 1
Airdrop For Service Users and Community
50% Presale Target
Liquidity Pool Creation
100% Presale Target

❸  Phase 3

100% Liquidity Allocation Target
Primary Exchange Listing
Trader Programs and Other Promotional Events
Benefits Distribution To Stakeholders
Implement $BACKR governance
CoinMarket Cap Listing
Coingecko Listing

Token Distribution


Seed Sale = 70%

Air Drops = 5%

Rewards = 25%

How To Earn $BACKRs

1. Use Our Ecosystem Product or Perform any Task
Engage with Backr's ecosystem by using its products or completing specific tasks.
2. Send Proof of Use or Proof of Task
Submit evidence of your engagement, such as screenshots, to verify your participation. This does not require from customers as we have the records.
3. Create an SPL Wallet
Set up a Solana Program Library (SPL) Wallet, a Solana blockchain-based wallet to hold and manage your Backr tokens. We recommend using a Phantom Wallet.
4. Send Your Solana Wallet Address and Receive Tokens
Share your SPL wallet address with Backr. We will then send your earned tokens directly to this address. Guide for you

Frequently Asked Question!

What is $BACKR Token?

Backr is a token associated with a specific ecosystem. Users can earn Backr tokens using the ecosystem's products and services or performing specific tasks.

Where can I get $BACKR Tokens?

You can earn Backr tokens by using the ecosystem's products, performing tasks, and providing proof of your engagement.

What are the Benefits of Holding $BACKR Tokens?

An SPL Wallet is a digital wallet based on the Solana blockchain. You need it to hold and manage your Backr tokens.

Can you buy $BACKR on Etherium or Binance Blockchain?

You can create an SPL Wallet by following instructions provided by Solana or third-party wallet services supporting Solana-based tokens.

How do I receive Backr tokens in my SPL Wallet?

After setting up your SPL Wallet, provide your wallet address to the Backr team. You'll receive your earned Backr tokens directly into this wallet.

What can I do with my Backr tokens?

Backr Token gives you a fixed APY yield, Listing Benefits, and SAR benefits.

Are Backr tokens exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies?

After Listing, a Backr Token can be changed to USDC, a Fiat Currency.

What are the benefits to the Liquidity Providers?

Liquidity Providers will get a Cut from Transaction fees collected over time.
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